Thursday, May 22, 2014

Good bye East Elementary!

                   I've been at East Elementary since kindergarten, that is six years. During those six years I came really close to all the teachers that have been here since I was here. I also thank those teachers for helping me, I also want to thank my parents for being there for me. Now that I am in 5th grade it makes my heart brake knowing that I am going to middle school and no longer am I going to be in 5th grade. I sure will miss all those teachers. That is just how life is. I hope that they remember me as a good boy and not a bad boy. My greatest hope is that they will remember me. I dedicate this writing to all the teachers at East Elementary.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Matter: Mass and Weight"

 Dear Readers,
  today you will learn about "mass and weight."

What are the two properties that all types of matter including solids, liquids, and gases have in common? answer- The two properties that matter and solids, liquids, and gases have in common is volume and mass. It is volume and mass because matter is anything that has mass and takes of space or has volume. So therefor those are two common properties that matter including solids, liquids, and gases all have in common.

What is weight, and how does it differ from mass? answer- You may think that weight and mass are the same thing, well no. Weight is the pull of gravity between other masses. The way that weight differs from mass is that mass is the amount of matter or volume in an object and weight is the pull of gravity between other masses. So weight and mass are two different things.

How are mass and weight measured? answer- Mass and weight can be measured in different ways. Mass can be measured with a balance and in grams, weight on the other hand is measured in pounds and ounces and with a spring scale. So both mass and weight are measured in different ways.

Does changing the location of an object change it's mass or weight? answer- If you went to a different location your weight would change but your mass would stay the same. For example, if you went to the moon your weight would change because the gravity is different in the moon, but your mass would stay the same. Your mass would stay the same because your body wouldn't change. So yes your weight would change and your mass stay the same if you went to a different location.

How does the mass of an object compare to the mass of it's parts? answer-  The mass of an object does compare to all of it's parts. They compare because both the mass of an object and the mass of its parts are the same. They are both the same because every object has matter or volume and every whole has the same. If you want to know more about mass and matter than you should visit discovery Hope you liked it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Homework Is Becoming A Problem

Dear Readers, 
       I read an article called "Homework: Too Little or Too Much? It Depends. " This author has three main points. The three main points are, many students are complaining about homework, some parents think that their kids are getting to much homework and other think their kids are getting a little bit of homework, and the last main point is that some students spend most of their time socializing with friends instead of focusing on homework. Throughout this essay you will learn about homework and how people are complaining about it.

Students complaining about homework-
 Details to support that students are complaining about homework is that it says in the article, " Amma Ababio, of Highland Park, is an 11th-grader at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. She is taking advanced classes this year. Ababio figures she does homework from about 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on school nights. She said her phone is off, her computer is off except for research and she even does homework while she eats dinner." My personal thinking about this is that I would be worked out and wouldn't even wan't to go to school the next day. Also I would argue with teachers to not give us students so much homework. I would make a debate, gather a lot of students, and the other students and I would debate until we got the teachers not to give us so much homework.

Parents are complaining about their kid's homework-
Details to support that parents are complaining about their kid's homework is that in the article it says, " two common complaints parents have about homework are as far apart as can be: One is that there’s too much homework, and more of it than ever before. The other is that there’s too little." My personal thinking about this is that I think that parents should not complain about their children's homework, I think that they should just help them and encourage their kid's to do their homework. Also I think that maybe parents are being lazy and don't wan't to help their children do their homework. If your child has homework for help than I think that you should help them and not complain.

Students spending more time socializing than doing homework-
Details to support that students spend most of their time socializing than doing homework read this, in the article it says " and homework not only came in behind socializing. It also trailed exercise or sports and working for pay." My personal thinking is that students should have their own free time, on the other hand I think that students should talk to friends on their time so then they can be focused in school, once they get their own free time than can do whatever they wan't. At least that is what I think. Know you know that homework is becoming a problem. To conclude with this I think that homework should keep running the way it is.

Friday, March 14, 2014

"The Award Goes To"...

          "The award for big, fat, juicy, and descreptive writing Is awarded to Andres!" I recently read I read some of his post, but there was one post that really caught my attention. I give the big, fat, juicy, and descreptive writing award to Andres because that is how his blog posts are. I also give this award to Andres because I really like the way that he includes descreption in his blog posts. Like I said that his blog posts are fat (in other words long.) His posts are also juicy because Andres includes a lot of writing and has a lot to write about. I really think that he deserves this award because he is a hard worker. Now you know that Andres is a hard worker. To check out more of his posts than you should visit his blog, or go to the link above. I sure hope that Andres reads this blog post.

The Bees Have Arrived!

Dear Readers,
I read an article called " Deadly virus spreads from plants to bees." The author has three main points: they are, the tobacco ringspot virus has spread, the virus affects soy crops, and "vampire" parasites carry new virus.

The tobacco ringspot virus has spread
Detail that supports that the ringspot virus has spread is also found in the article.  It says, “Further study revealed that the virus was replicating inside its honeybee hosts, and spreading to mites, tiny parasites similar to ticks. These mites live on bees and travel from bee to bee, thereby spreading the disease.” My personal thinking about this is that how did the bees get this virus in the first place?

The virus affects other stuff
Details to support that this virus affects soy crops is that the article says, " It is carried by pollen and causes disease in soy crops." My personal thinking about this is that how can soy crops gets disease and in what way?  

"Vampire" parasites carry new virus
Details to support the fact that Vampire parasites carry the new virus is also in the article:  “Indeed, the new virus, along with the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus, was linked with colonies considered “weak” due to a variety of stresses.”
My personal thinking is that were did this new virus come from? Also how did the vampire parasites get this new virus?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Old Yeller

Dear Readers,
I read a book called "Old Yeller" by Fred Gipson. This book was about a boy named Travis and his brother Arliss and his mom and dad. They live in Texas Country. One day the dad of the family has to leave for a cattle drive. He leaves his oldest son Travis in charge tells him he has to do all the chores and he has to take care of the family. One night that papa is gone this weird yellow dog appears and eats all the family's meat. Travis gets furious. The Travis tells his mother. His mother says to leave the dog alone but Travis doesn't listen and he beats the old ugly yellow dog. Will Travis ever apologize to the dog and love him?  Will Travis and his family face any danger while papa is gone? Find out once you read the amazing book called "Old Yeller".